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“As a Japanese-based manufacturer, the Yokohama Tire Corporation has been known worldwide for its high quality tires with top-notch innovation. For decades, Yokohama is trustworthy, thanks to the reliable products of tire which promise quiet driving with fuel-efficient technology. Definitely, all products are not instant manufacturing result because all experts in Yokohama have made comprehensive evaluation with details in design and thorough tests. With ultra high-technology factory facilities, every piece of tire is always undergone through more than fifteen road surfaces kinds. This is to ensure its top-notch quality before all products are launched.

The ADVAN is one among popular series of Yokohama. Its versatility matches best with the best car manufacturers. It is popular among sports cars and sedan aficionados. Never doubt its excellent performance on snow-covered streets as passengers still can enjoy quiet, comfortable driving. There should be no worry in driving along wet roads as the Aqua Tusk technology can eliminate water on the tire’s surface. What can be better than that? ”

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