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The Famous German owned Continental Tire Company was founded in the year 1871 as just a rubber manufacturing company. Ranked as the fourth largest company in the world they attribute their success to their rolling resistance tires designed with an effort to reduce the overall fuel consumption.

Continental AG Company manufactures tires for motorcycles, bicycles, passenger cars, light trucks as well as heavy commercial vehicles for Automobile companies such as BMW, VW, FORD, VOLVO and PORSHE just but to mention a few.

A wide range of products have been manufactured by the Continental however, the most popular brand is the ContiSportContact tire. The model is designed with a black Chilli technology that optimizes traction on both dry and wet roads. Their asymmetrical tread pattern enhances steering precision when accelerating or braking. Treads are stabilized by twin steel belts which are reinforced nylon.

The latest collection of the ContiSportContant models is the CS 5-P and the CS 5. The ContiSportContact 5P tires are developed for the more prestigious sports car, sedans and coupes. While the CS 5 model is designed to ensure short breaking distance on any road surface. It is also has nylon threads and heat resistance synthetic fiber for treads improve the quality of your driving.

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