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“Pirelli is one of the leading tyre companies. The company was founded by Giovanni Battista Pirelli in 1872. Since then the company has engaged in numerous business endeavours but the company focused on providing world class tyres all over the world.

The company is widely known for its innovative tyre technology. Their Z Speed category in particular is considered one of the best high performing tyres that can withstand a maximum speed of 300 kmph. Aside from their high performing Z Speed tyres, Perll also launched a line of eco-friendly tyres that offers reduced fuel consumptions, low running noise, high mileage and low CO2 emissions.

Pirelli offers different types of tyres to suit the different weather conditions. One of their most popular SUV tyres that they offer is the Pirelli Scorpion Zero. The Perelli Scorpion Zero is the ideal tyre for wet and dry conditions. It has excellent grip handling and you can basically drive in snow using these tyres.”

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