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Created by a group of specialists who are believers of quality, Thunderer tires are made in Thailand. This company was established in Thailand, in the Nakorn Pathom province in 2007 and they are currently producing more than 20,000 tires daily.

Thunderer tires are made of fine natural rubber. Their best construction is provided by a team of experts guaranteeing superior tires. Among the tires produced, there are SUV, light truck and passenger car tires. Some of the models include: the thunderer r007hwy 4ply, thunderer mach 4 all season, thunderer r200 all season 6ply bw and thundered ranger r404 all terrain 10ply BW among others.

These tires are employing new techniques, these included: unidirectional tread design where all the tread used in the tires face one direction and straight groves that are optimized. These developments are keen to the sustainability, design and advancement upgrading.

Thunderer tires offer great grip in all conditions (wet and dry). The responsiveness of the tires to steering and turning performance is improved. They also offer a great fight to hydroplaning and better comfort riding thus providing the rider with confidence.

With strong support and dedication from a group of talented employees and dynamic technology development, the best tires worldwide are produced and for a considerable price.

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