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Over 60 years ago a small tire company known as Heung-A Tire began production and diligently strove to produce top quality tires. The company’s perseverance in continual product improvement has led to the global expansion of their customer base and today being known as Nexen Tire.

Nexen Tires have outstanding high quality tires at an affordable rate. Nexen Tires, also known as “The Next Century Tire” is rapidly becoming the tire of today and tomorrow as a result of cutting edge production abilities developed at Nexen. Nexen has proven the top quality tire no longer has to be the top priced tire. They provide superb safety features coupled with extraordinary high performance that usually is unavailable except in other competitors pricey models.

Nexen has the tire for your driving needs whether it be the product N2000 for efficiency and drainage from driving in the rain
or the N6000 for sports cars. Nexen has many products for over 30 kinds of passenger cars and trucks.
Nexen has a tire for you.

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We export use rims, tyres, lug nuts, etc contact us today for more detail

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