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With the company’s history dating back to early 40s, this billion dollar company was first known as Chosun tire Co. But it was not until 1968 that the tire manufacturer was renamed to Hankook. It owes its success to the manufacture of bias-ply tire and the radial tire. Hankook tires are sold in over 180 countries ranking it top ten in sales revenue around the globe.

Having tested tire resistance for decades, Hankook believes that the tire tread pattern accounts for up to 70 % of overall tire resistance and with that in mind; Hankook specializes in low rolling resistance tires using special tread patterns.

What most people do not know about Hankook is that over the years it has developed over 50 different products. Some of the most popular products are;

1. Optimo: This model was designed to enhance handling performance as well as give a nice luxury finish for the sedans, coupes, minivans and the crossover vehicles.

2. Ventus: this model is built to maximize the cars steering response as well s to improve high-speed stability.

3. Mileage Plus: the treads for this particular model are designed for light trucks. It is designed to increase handling, improve stability and performance.

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