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The Federal Corporation was the pioneer manufacturer of radial tires in Taiwan and was established in the year 1954. The company’s capabilities were further strengthened after the cooperation with Bridgestone Corporation (1960-79) and Dunlop Tires (1981-2000). Federal Tires brand was founded in 1987 and currently its market has grown globally with distributors being in more than 70 countries.

Federal Tires are known for their unique environment-friendly qualities. The tires are not manufactured using highly aromatic oils and distillate aromatic extract oils which are toxic and can cause harm to both human health and the environment. This gives Federal tire brands an exceptional edge over other established tire brands in the world.

In addition to being environmental-friendly and embracing the green revolution, Federal tires also bring on board technologies that embrace safety, efficient fuel consumption and extremely low rolling resistance. These qualities, among others, have made this brand most wanted by different car owners including commercial and private car owners, and also motorsports, racing and rally drivers.

Federal tires are available in different sizes and speed and load ratings. Some of the models available in the market include Federal 595EVO, 595RS-R, Couragia A/T, Formoza AZ01, MS357 H/T and SS731 all of which are suitable for summer. Models appropriate for winter include Federal Himalaya SUV, Himalaya WS2-Studdable and WS2-Studdless.

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